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Ten service function, leading Industrial Park in sail!

According to the requirements of enterprises in the park, main content of services are as below:

(1) Business Registration Services       
  Based on demands of enterprises, Industrial Park sets up a professional agency for applying approval of company name, business registration, trademark services, environmental assessments and other relevant preparatory work.
(2) Financial Services       
  Banks in strategic cooperation with park will provide financing services, both of Industrial Park administration and banks will help to execute financing scheme based on the actual situation of enterprises.

(3) Policy Coordination        
  The Industrial Park administration will work with related governmental departments, such as tax department and others, to help enterprises to implement preferential policies, preventing enterprises from wasting too much unnecessary money & time.

(4) Employee Training        
  Qianshan Jinqiao vocational training schools and Anhui Jinqiao labor service Co., Ltd., based on actual requirements of enterprises, timely provide training services as skill, management, marketing and others.

(5) Information Sharing Services        
  Industrial Park will set up information collection departments, to collect the required information in policies, marketing, product R&D as reference for enterprises in the park.

(6) Logistic Service        
  Provide the employees with full range of services in dining, entertainment, accommodation, security, etc. also help to solve the problems in daily life, so that enterprises in the park can concentrate on manufacturing and marketing. 

(7) Human Resource Services       
 Relying on Jinzhi Human Resources Group with advantages from ten years’ experience in human resource and management, Industrial Park timely  provide human resources services based on actual needs of enterprises, also with extension services, such as labor delivery and production lines outsourcing. 

(8) Logistics Service        
  Based on the actual situation of enterprises, bring suitable logistics companies into Industrial Park, set up logistics area, establish smooth and efficient logistics service system, ensure on-time delivery in domestic market.
(9) Security Services        
  Set up professional security department, to provide 24-hour service, and its access control systems including authorization, record, query, statistics, security, security alarm functions ensure the safety of the park. 

(10) Cleaning Services        
  To ensure public health, Industrial Park provides full range of cleaning services with low-cost.

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