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Admission Procedures

1, Necessary Documents

   (1) Brief introduction for applying companies or persons 
   (2) Brief introduction for Projects 
   (3) Registered companies: investors [natural persons] (name, ID card), the proportion of investment, registered capital, three optional company names for selection (geographical + number + Industry + legal liability) 
   (4) Main Business 
   (5) Production Program

2, Available Service Agent

   (1) Business registration services
   (2) Confirm land prices in location, Collection of land certificate
   (3) Project Consulting Services
   (4) Project Environmental Assessment and Approval Services
   (5) Project set up and back up for approval 
   (6) "Six suppliers and one land leveling", construction reporting & coordination
   (7) Implementation of loan 
   (8) Implementation of industrial policies support

3, Procedure for Application of Construction Project 
   (1) Approval for Planning & Design 
   (2) Approval for Project Land Plan
   (3) Approval for Project Feasibility Report
   (4) Use Permission for Planning Construction Land 
   (5) Surveying and Mapping for Project land 
   (6) Use Permission for Planning Construction
   (7) Sign for “Grant or Transfer Contract of State-Owned Land Use Right”
   (8) Certificate for State-Owned Land Use 
   (9) "Approval of Fire Safety for Construction Drawings"
   (10) Approval for Construction Drawings
   (11) Application for Construction 
   (12) Pre-audit for Qualifications of Constructor
   (13) Approval of procedure for invitation of tender & negotiation tendering
   (14) Construction Permission for construction
   (15) Inspection, Approval & acceptance for lightning protection design 
   (16) Inspection & acceptance for fire safety and electricity
   (17) Inspection & acceptance for construction planning and environmental protection
   (18) Inspection & acceptance for completed project and project record

4, procedure planning for investment or professional project

   (1) Industrial Park Promotion
   (2) Project Consulting
   (3) Project EIA (environmental impact assessment)
   (4) Project Creation
   (5) Project Agreement
   (6) License service
   (7) Contract Services
   (8) Service Delivery
   (9) After Service

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