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Park Planning

 1, Project Planning  

   A, Wanjiang manufacture base for machinery and electronic products in China
   B, Low-carbon economy Manufacturing Industrial Park in central China 
   C, High starting point, high construction standard for new modern industrial city in Anhui 
   D, "Closed" characteristics of intelligent Industrial Park

 2, Development Planning

   Short-term plan (2 years) land with 400 Mu, 
   Fantastic nest with pioneers, initial achievement
   Medium-term plan (3-6 years) land with 500 Mu, 
   Selected phoenix with supporting, shining characteristics
   Long-term plan (7-10 years) land with 600 Mu,
   Form scale into Agglomeration, creative innovation 

 3, Construction Planning

    Industrial park will be divided into five functional areas: production area, administration area, R&D center area, storage area and living area.
    Covers an area of 52,426 square meters for production area; 3120.36 square meters for warehouse area; 12,050.39 square meters for service area; 34,756.59 square meters for green area; 34.65% building density, plot ratio 1.36, green rate 17.82%. 
    Note: All workshop construction use fully framed structure, accord with national standards, for high shock resistance.  

 4, Landscape Planning

      Superior environment in park, green plants allover the park, rich in landscape elements. Overall design is natural, humanity, multi-layers, reasonably separated by different areas, forming multiple small spaces without disorder. Plant consists of evergreen and deciduous affordable, in the form of lonely plant or group plants, with distinct seasonal effect. Green scene at points, comfortable landscape at lines, is ideal place for people to work and live.

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