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Preferential Policies

1, Cost Advantage

  (1) Intensive land purchasing greatly prompts the medium-scale investment projects (land purchasing with investment in 20-50 millions RMB resulting in non-compliance of investment strength) to achieve a reasonable land price, and enlarge space for value increase of industrial real estate investment;
  (2) Large-scale Intensive construction has brought healthy competition, adequately and reasonably standardize project cost, industrial property prices and rentals;
  (3) Professional construction management guarantees the project progress and quality, meanwhile, investment and construction cycles are significantly shortened;
  (4) Industry workshop can be built by purchased land or rent from existing constructions, investment scale of workshop depends on individual condition;
  (5) Centralized facilities including office and living, will be easily purchased and rented, with professional services both in property and logistics, there is no need to worry about supporting after project is completed;
  (6) Intensive industrial electricity supply can enjoy the best price, in order to lower production costs;
  (7) Professional business management services, saving part of the management costs, help enterprises to transfer main resources toward to superior business, to achieve maximum benefit;
  (8) New period of employment has formed a trend of that young workers prefer to work nearby home, the scale and stability of the local labor force and labor costs have certain advantages compared to developed regions.

2, Advantages Of Supporting

    "Closed" characteristics of Industrial Park, with the help of integrated supporting combining production, office, research and development, warehousing, logistics, living in same area, fantastic "nests" has been prepared for coming "Phoenix" , as a platform for investment promotion. After the completion of park, it will include logistics center, property management, gymnasium, shopping and other services to fully consider the parking and parking garage and staff dormitory, in order to provide full range and convenient service.

3, Advantages of Human Resources

   The project investor Hangzhou • Jinzhi Human Resources Group, specializes in labor dispatch, personnel outsourcing, production outsourcing, business process outsourcing, personnel agency, property and logistics management, education and training and other services with the help of establishment of a comprehensive human resources service platform. Human resources outsourcing business solutions based on the requirements from new enterprises in park, whose services and consulting is ranging from employment to un-employment, efficiently help enterprises to make better use of human resources, manage human resources, saving cost of HR.  

4, Special Policy Advantages

(1) In Industrial Park, according to related policy, first investors will be possible to have more rewards and benefits.
(2) For the investors, that need larger area of standardized workshop, or specific workshop according to individual requirements, will be given more favorable terms and policy support.
(3) A certain number of service agencies have signed a strategic cooperation agreement with industrial park for establishing a strategic partnership, to provide convenient and efficient service for enterprises in Industrial Park.
(4) As "861" project approved by the Anhui provincial government.   

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