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Basic Environment

(I) Regional Transportation Advantages:

    Qianshan is the cross-point of Shanghai-Chengdu expressway in vertical and Dongxiang expressway in horizontal, along with Hejiu railway lines in west, among which are national highway 105 & 318. It only takes 40 minutes by car from Yangtze River – Anqing harbor, or Civil Aviation Tianzhu Airport, while being in 2-3 hour traffic circle with four provincial capital cities as Hefei, Wuhan, Nanchang, and Nanjing.

(II) Regional Development Advantages:

   Qianshan Economic Development Zone, mainly on industry, is an integrated economic development zones combined with Trade and Industry. It is set by the Anhui Provincial People's Government in 2002, approved by the National Development and Reform Commission in 2006.
It owns the county-level administrative privileges, and has established a series of service systems for investment approval, creatively renewed the service concept, greatly enhanced work intensity & efficiency, coupled with local relationship resources, created "butler style" for investment consulting, project examination and approval, construction services and related facilities, professional business management services, in order to allow investors to have safe investment, satisfied service, comfortable operation, stable earnings for new business success.  

(III) The Comprehensive Environmental advantages:

     Industrial park, beside old town of Qianshan county, which has a long history and rich cultural heritage, back by the magnificent natural beauty of national 5A scenic spots - Tianzhu Mountain. Qianshan has an abundance of natural resources, historical culture and natural heritage, which is famous for tourism in Anhui Province, with beautiful environment, pure folk, become an ideal place for home, leisure, tourism, and holiday.
  After years of development and construction in economic development zones, it has completed "six supplies and one leveling " , regional covering road network, 110KV substation, 35KV unattended box-type substation, 4 million tons of sewage daily treatment plant, high-standard construction of the greenery, lighting and other supporting infrastructure projects, now, a excellent platform for projects has been accomplished.

((IV) Regional Policy Advantages:

1, Tax

(1) For new industrial enterprises, since the year first income obtained, corporate income tax paid for county retained part will be 100% refunded as reward for six years.

(2) For new industrial enterprises, real estate property taxes, land use tax will be 100% refunded as reward for three years.

(3) For new industrial enterprises, its contract taxation is according to land’s base price while enterprise fulfill obligations of tax liability, and the charged part beyond the actual price will be 100% refunded as rewarded.

2, Rewards

(1) New enterprises in zone, shall accord with national industrial policies and environmental access conditions, investment in fixed assets (subject to verification) is beyond 30 million RMB (including 30 million), investment intensity no less than 1.2 million RMB per Mu, on-time mass production as planned as project feasibility report and schedule of the contract, will be rewarded as certain amount once a time. (Applies to industrial enterprises settled in industrial park).
(2) In the County Development Zone (including township Industrial Park) Finishing multi-floor (three floor and above) standardized workshop, whose plot ratio meets regulatory requirements, according to different industries, it will be rewarded as 2000-10000 RMB per Mu. Specific amount of reward is according to National Land & Resources Bureau [2004] No. 232 document of volume rate control Index, and relevant reward standards set by the county construction department.
(3) New industrial enterprises will have Qianshan tax progress rewards and other related tax rewards.

3, Regulatory Fees

(1) For new industrial enterprises settled in the county development zone, administrative fees is zero charge, only except for those charged by department above country.
(2) During mergers, acquisitions of industrial enterprises, those do not change the nature of land, will not be charged registration fee for transferring land property or house ownership.

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